Top 3 Questions About Origins Functional Medicine

Because functional medicine is unfamiliar to many people, we receive many questions about the process. Here are the answers to three of the most common questions we receive:

  1.  Do I need to live in the Orlando area to be a patient or do you offer virtual visits?
  2. What is a typical appointment like?
  3. Why don’t you accept insurance?

#1: Do I need to live in the Orlando area to be a patient or do you offer virtual visits?

You do not have to live in the Orlando area to become a patient and benefit from Origins Functional Medicine’s services. With the exception of the Foundational Assessment, all appointments can be via telephone or video conference.

The Foundational Assessment follows and does need to be in person. Thereafter, all of the follow-up appointments can be virtual.  Legally, there is one appointment per year that needs to be in person, the rest can be virtual. 

#2: What is a typical appointment like?

There are two appointment types:

  • Foundational Assessment 
  • Follow-up appointments

Foundational Assessment

Each new patient starts with our Foundational Assessment which includes an extended appointment with Dr. Matteoli, a lab review of advanced biomarker testing, an appointment with our health coach targeted toward functional nutrition, a consultation with our therapist, & an integrative 8-part health plan that provides a 360 strategy for optimal living. You will be prompted to provide detailed information about family history, personal medical history, toxin exposure, social history, food habits, and your comfort level with, and willingness to adopt, lifestyle changes.  This information assists Dr. Matteoli in assessing and identifying the underlying causes of what is bothering a patient and allows her to make a personalized, detailed action plan for a patient. 

Follow-up Appointments

Origins Functional Medicine is a membership-based functional medicine practice. The membership plan is for those who have completed the Foundational Assessment and who would like to continue to benefit from our services and education at Origins Functional Medicine. Click here for more information about why the membership works.

Follow-up appointments are typically scheduled about every 6-8 weeks. They typically last about 45-60 minutes. Here, we will collaborate to support your lifestyle modifications and slightly adjust the plan as necessary, depending on your successful results or possibly updated lab work.

At every appointment, Dr. Matteoli will work with you to address symptomatology, lifestyle modifications, barriers, possible supplemental support as well as possible pharmaceutical support. 

#3: Why don’t you accept insurance?

While we do not accept insurance for membership fees, insurance will typically cover labs and prescriptions.  Membership fees may be covered under your Health Savings Plan (HSA) or Flex Spending Plan (FSA) and Origins does accept payments from HSA/FSA plans.

Unfortunately, we have found that we cannot be participating providers in the insurance networks and provide the time-intensive, well-researched, expert intensive care that we do.  Functional medicine, at its core, looks for trends of disease; treatments lie in a holistic, preventive approach.  Unfortunately, today’s health care system is structured to pay for diseased states, not well states.  We are committed to the functional medicine model that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms with specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. In order to truly achieve sustainable results naturally, we have to do so outside the current model of the insurance industry.  That way, we can spend 60-90 minutes with each patient, and thoroughly engage in a therapeutic relationship to create real strides in wellness. 

Insurance typically DOES cover prescriptions and conventional labs ordered by Dr. Matteoli, just as it would with any other physician under the terms of your plan.  Reimbursement for advanced diagnostic testing would depend on your particular insurance plan.  Please check with your insurance company to determine coverage under your plan.

Origins Functional Medicine accepts payments from HSAs and FSAs. Because these plans are highly specific, you should check with your plan administrator about utilizing this option.

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