Sugar Industry Shocker!

Have we been needlessly avoiding fats in order to reduce our heart disease risk, when sugar could be the culprit? Shocking information has come to light about the sugar industry trying to influence the results of scientific studies, looking to demonize fats and point consumers towards low-fat, high-carb (and hence high-sugar) meals.  Consider this quote from the below article, regarding a speech given by the president of the Sugar Research Foundation: “If Americans could be persuaded to eat a lower-fat diet — for the sake of their health — they would need to replace that fat with something else. America’s per capita sugar consumption could go up by a third.”
While trans fats and hydrogenated fats deserve to be eliminated from our diets, adequate levels of good fats are an incredibly important part of a healthy diet, and business interests may have been used to point the American consumers in the wrong direction.  Low-fat diets are generally quite high in simple sugars, which can kick off a cascade of inflammatory processes that contribute to numerous long-term diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune disorders, and more.  Look for upcoming posts explaining the need to include healthy fats in the diet, as well as a blog about the best choices for cooking oils.
This article about the sugar industry’s swaying of health research is a must read!
Sarah is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (“CNS”), a national credential awarded by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists ( ) and a Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist in the state of Florida. She can be found at