Products We Love

Products We Love

Berkey Water Filter

Purifies water and removes waterborne contaminates to provide the best filtration system for drinking water.


A device for reducing stress, developing self-regulation, and building emotional resilience.

Austin Air Filters

Medical grade air purifiers successfully reducing asthma attacks and respiratory issues.

Ann Marie Skin Care

An all natural and non-toxic skincare line that revives and nourishes dull skin.

Beauty Counter

Safe and non-toxic skincare, makeup, sunscreen and bath products for the whole family.

Young Living Essential Oils

All natural essential oils and baby products, and non-toxic Thieves household cleaner for mold.

EWG Skin Deep

A searchable database for healthy personal care products.


Thrive Market

Your favorite organic food and products, at up to 50% off retail, delivered to your door.

Paleo on the Go

Delicious, hassle-free meals delivered nationwide to your door. Use coupon code “ORIGINS” for a discount off your orders.

Eat Wild

Local, grass-fed meats, dairy, and eggs that promote pasture-based farming.

Bulletproof Coffee

High performance food, drinks and supplements to power your life.

Dr. Axe

Organic bone broth, collagen protein powders and botanical blends.

Vital Proteins

Gluten-free, dairy-free, Whole30 approved collagen protein powders.

Dry Farm Wines

The highest quality natural wines from small, organic family farms that meet strict standard of health. Unlike today’s commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Nothing added, nothing removed.

Stress Management

4-7-8 Breathe

A breathing technique to help relieve stress, improve sleep and curb food cravings.

Self-hypnosis Downloads

Self-hypnosis audio files usable across devices to help improve health.

The Free Mindful Project

A vast collection of free downloads to guide you through meditation practices.

UCLA Free Guided Meditations

Free guided beginner and in-depth meditation classes you can take around your schedule.   

Meditation Apps


A mobile meditation app promoting mindfulness for our busy lives.


Simplifying meditation with hundreds of themed sessions, and even an SOS exercise for sudden meltdowns.

Insight Timer

Featuring thousands of free guided meditations to fit any schedule, and providing insight with group discussions.


Providing hundreds of meditation options for sleep, stress relief, focus and more.