Functional Medicine

A personalized approach to medicine.

Functional medicine is a personalized approach to medicine that better addresses the needs of patients in the 21st century, it is truly the future of medicine.  The goal of functional medicine is to get to the root cause of chronic illness, not just treat the symptoms.

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We identify and address the unique factors contributing to your health, including biochemical individuality, toxic exposures, and genetics. We particularly focus on how our environment influences how our genes are expressed, and therefore our physiology and disease development. A patient’s environment encompasses internal and external environment.  Both contribute equally to disease development and progression.  A person’s internal environment includes their nutrient status, gut health, hormonal imbalances and organ function – just to name a few examples.

Examples of a person’s external environment include the quality and type of foods they consume, quality of sleep and relationships, as well as cleanliness of their air and water.  Environmental factors send signals to our genes and will, therefore, determine if our genetic material is expressed in a way that helps or hinders our health.  What we eat, the way we live, the toxins we are exposed to, all break down to chemical components which communicate with our genes and affects disease progression and health manifestation. What makes functional medicine truly empowering is that by identifying lifestyle imbalances and triggering environmental exposures, we are putting the control of the patient’s health back in their hands.

Our treatment plans

Foundational Assessment

This one-time investment of $495 which includes an extended appointment with Dr. Matteoli, a lab review of advanced biomarker testing, a health coach appointment targeted toward functional nutrition & our integrative 8-part health plan that provides a 360 strategy for optimal living.

  • Functional Health Evaluation
  • Lab review – Advanced Biomarker Testing: in-depth diagnostic panel measuring inflammation, nutrient status, expanded thyroid assessment, heart health, cholesterol and more (labs are billed through insurance)
  • Complete Physical Exam
  • Integrative Customized Plan
  • Extended Appointment with Dr. Matteoli
  • Health Coach Appointment
  • Integrative 8-Part Health Plan
  • Various payment options including HSA/FSA; super-bill provided to submit for possible insurance reimbursement

Membership Options

Our membership options are for those who have completed the Foundational Assessment and who would like to continue to benefit from our education, cost savings and services at Origins Functional Medicine. 

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing
  • 5 -12 visits with Dr. Matteoli, depending on health needs and goals
  • Extended appointment times
  • Health coaching
  • Discounts on supplements
  • Access to all Origins education classes
  • Message your doctor directly
  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • 12-month commitment