Guest Blog: My Experience as an Origins Patient.

Are you curious what it would be like to work with a functional medicine doctor?

Hear it directly from one of our patients who is so excited about his transformation, that he asked to share his experience so that others might undergo a similar health success story. In his own words:


“My personal health challenges led me to do some research and when I discovered what Functional Medicine was I knew I was on to something! As the months progressed, my health challenges got to the point that I needed to address them and could not put it off any longer.

I contacted a number of Functional Medicine practitioners in the Orlando area and called them. That is when I called Origins Functional Medicine and scheduled a phone conversation with Dr. Matteoli. I had a number of questions for her regarding her practice, treatments, etc. As it turns out, she had a list of questions for me too! By the time we finished talking, I knew that Dr. Matteoli and her team were the ones who could help me.

My first consult was in January of 2017. From the very first visit, I could tell these people cared about their patients. The consults were never rushed, I had an hour with the Dr. each visit and this enabled us to discuss the various aspects of my health challenges, measure progress and tweak the treatment plan. I always felt that I was respected and treated as a human being.

Dr. Matteoli and her staff are committed to doing all they can to help the patient resolve their health challenges. Patient history, diagnostics, physical examinations and treatment plans are all part of this investigation as you would expect. However, they also put a great deal of emphasis on patient education. Origins Functional Medicine gives lectures, classes and partners with local professionals in the area to educate patients on many areas of life that have an effect on our physical health. From stress management, to novel cooking ideas, using products that have less chemicals, along with physical exercise, they strive to equip the patient with the education and tools to be able to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

As my consults, diagnostics, education and treatments progressed, I could tell that my health was improving. Let me say that it was not an overnight magic pill solution, but a slow, steady, sometimes, barely perceptible improvement! Nevertheless, there it was, a number of the challenges I had faced were no longer issues for me, some were a little more stubborn. Others take a long time to resolve. But what is important is that Dr. Matteoli and her team gave me the education, tools and encouragement to continue on improving my own health!

Let me say this to any prospective patient. You must be invested in your own health. After all it is the most important asset that you have. You do not have to pledge to become a Doctor, just begin to educate yourself. Commit to making the changes necessary to have better health. Some of the commitments are not easy to fulfill, but the payoffs are great! Let the team at Origins Functional Medicine help you do that.

I highly recommend Origins Functional Medicine to anyone who is willing to invest in their own health and experience improvement in their personal health challenges.”

Timothy Morrissey, age 56