Discover The Root Cause of Your Symptoms

Create Your Own Rx at Our Functional Medicine Matrix Workshop.

Free to Attend | Limited Space

Understanding the Functional Matrix

The functional matrix is a tool that organizes a person’s unique history and symptoms to better understand the ROOT CAUSE of their health issues. This evaluation is one of processes that sets functional medicine apart and enables Dr. Matteoli to provide uniquely tailored treatment plans. It is one of the many steps in the process of healing.

Create Your Own Functional Matrix

Curious how your symptoms, diagnosis and medical history appear through the lens of functional medicine? Enroll in our 90 minute interactive workshop where Dr. Matteoli will guide you through creating your own functional matrix and discovering possible imbalances within the body. At the end of this workshop, she will evaluate your personalized matrix and prescribe a food plan tailored to your needs in order to begin naturally balancing your body’s and eliminate undesirable symptoms. You will be equipped with a comprehensive description of your plan, weekly recipes, grocery lists and more!

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Your health is important to us.

If you’re interested in transitioning to functional medicine, we would love to answer any questions or hesitations you may have.

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