Benefits of Far-Infrared Sauna Use

Benefits of Far- Infrared Sauna Use
Healing ebbs and flows just like all other things in life.  There are times in our lives where we can devote a lot of time to healing.  We may intentionally change the foods we put in our bodies, or adopt a new exercise program or really focus on mindfulness.  This is when we see real shifts in our bodies and our health. However, as many of us have already experienced – life happens – and we may naturally need to pull back from being “all in” on these focuses.  We may endure a personal tragedy or our schedule may drastically shift – throwing our footing off for a few weeks or a few months. 

How well our bodies adapt to this increase in stress has a lot to do with our “buffer”.  Our buffer, as I call it, is the resiliency we build up for ourselves during times of relative ease.  And it is our buffer that protects us and helps us modulate the more difficult times. We increase our buffer by making positive lifestyle changes and improving our external and internal environments to decrease inflammation and improve immune function.  

There are certain lifestyle changes that provide huge health benefits with little effort.  I recognize these interventions as supportive devices – which improve the overall health of an individual with little risk.  They level a person up dramatically in terms of their health if other interventions are in place. And they help modulate the more difficult times for a person so their health doesn’t decline during the more difficult times. 

One of these lifestyle supportive medical devices is the infrared sauna.  Adopting this intervention on a regular basis poses little to no risk to health and can only improve a person’s health. 

The Infrared Sauna causes a person’s body temperature to rise without affecting the outside air or humidity. Therefore, it is helpful for those who are more heat sensitive. This rise in temperature causes the body to sweat which aids in the elimination of toxins.  Most chronic health conditions we endure are in some way linked to a toxic burden. Therefore, sweating a few days a week to keep the detoxification process moving is extremely beneficial in reducing the overall burden. Other benefits include calorie burning, athletic recovery, improvement in cardiovascular function, and pain reduction. 

Dr. Linda Matteoli

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