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Origins Functional Medicine

Origins Functional Medicine, located in Longwood, FL, was founded by Dr. Matteoli to create an all-encompassing holistic healing experience for our patients. It is our mission is to restore each individual to their optimal state of health. To do that, we partner with each patient in creating individualized holistic treatment plans which take into account the patient’s internal and external environments.  In addition to performing advanced diagnostic testing and interpretation, we acknowledge and treat drivers of disease that can’t be uncovered by labs.

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Enlighten Your Health

Located in Longwood, FL in the picturesque Wekiva Springs area, Origins Functional Medicine offers functional medicine assessments and treatment, health coaching and nutrition services, educational classes, infrared sauna and neurofeedback training. Our clinic is welcoming and calming. Many of our patients have sensitivities to fragrances or have a higher toxic burden; therefore our office is equipped with an Austin air filter running at all times.

Patients can expect unrushed and thorough appointments.  Patients initially undergo a thorough history and lifestyle evaluation which begins with an intake of health/life events starting from birth. At the Foundational Assessment, Dr. Matteoli discusses potential underlying drivers of the disease or symptoms and patients are given an integrative, 8-part health plan.

Enrich Your Awareness

Patients who choose to continue treatment with our membership plan, typically have follow-up appointments at varied intervals (every 1-3 months) and begin to attend the education series at their convenience.

In addition to appointments with Dr. Matteoli, all Origins patients receive education on a variety of topics to enhance their understanding of treatment plans. The education also teaches patients how to make lasting changes in their external environment to prevent and reverse disease. These environmental changes undoubtedly positively impact the lives of Origins’ patient’s family and friends; therefore positively impacting our community at large.  We view ourselves as healers and educators.

About The Origins Team

Dr. Linda Matteoli

Linda Matteoli, DO, MS, graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and continued her medical training in a family medicine residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School where she served as chief resident.  She is board certified in family medicine and also holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Simmons College in Boston. Additionally, she has an undergraduate degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida.

Linda began researching and studying functional medicine after graduating from residency and searching for answers regarding her own health. At that time, she felt the sickest she had ever been. The years of stress, sleepless nights, poor nutrition, limited exercise and infrequent gatherings with family and friends left her anxious and unwell. She became frustrated with the options offered by conventional medicine, and wanted to heal in a holistic manner. She then asked herself, “How can I become the type of physician I would want to see?” 

Linda began training with the Institute of Functional Medicine which teaches healthcare professionals to get to the root cause of lifestyle driven disease through a patient centered, systems biology approach. She has completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice course; which teaches clinicians to more effectively integrate science, research, and clinical insights to treat and prevent disease and maintain health. She has also completed two advanced practice modules, namely Energy and Cardiometabolic. She is also a member of the Functional Forum and regularly attends continuing education modules.

“Studying functional medicine has opened up a new world to me, I look at disease differently and my “toolbox” to treat disease continues to grow. It is truly an honor to study medicine and all the complementary therapies that may enhance the lives of my patients”

Dawn Leach, Office Manager

A native of Colorado, Dawn has called Orlando home for over 10 years. Dawn first became interested in Functional Medicine during her senior year in college when she experienced her own health crisis and traditional medicine failed her. She was eager to learn more upon the birth of her son in 2010. With a degree in Business Administration, Dawn has worked in several different industries. Through joining Dr. Matteoli’s practice, she has put her passion to work by helping patients succeed on their own journey to health and wellness.

Lauren Roberts, New Patient Coordinator

Lauren is a Floridian, born and raised in the Orlando area. Lauren has a love for the outdoors and wellness, which shows in her character and career path. Lauren has had a passion for wellness since her early twenties. It started with her introduction to yoga and meditation which blossomed into a whole-living outlook on life.  She reflects kindness, compassion and warmth to everyone she meets. This shows in how she works with patients and fits well with the culture at Origins Functional Medicine.

Michelle Bowers, Therapist

Michelle Bowers is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been working with families in crisis since 2004 and transitioned to professional counseling in 2013.

Michelle works with individuals, couples, and families with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, loss, marriage & parenting issues, conflict, life changes, trauma, and more.

As a previous patient of Dr. Matteoli’s, Michelle had the challenging privilege of transforming her daily life habits in the pursuit of healing. Michelle is very excited to partner with Dr. Matteoli in providing our patients with a truly comprehensive perspective on health and healing.


Micki Contini, Health Coach

Micki Contini MS, CNC is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist®, Health Coach and Functional Medicine Lifestyle, Practitioner. Micki educates to help bring about life-enhancing transformations. She teaches about the amazing powers of clean, whole food, the importance of developing strong foundations and how making simple lifestyle changes can produce big results. She believes in bio-individuality and that we each have our own unique personal formula to thrive. Micki is on a mission to educate and empower Origins Functional Medicine patients about natural solutions to take control of their own health. She is dedicated to listening and working together to create and foster hope and well-being.

Micki holds an MS in Holistic Health and Nutrition Education, certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and has functional lifestyle training. She is also a thyroid cancer and toxic mold survivor, and overcame a sugar addiction.