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Are You Looking For A Functional Medicine Doctor In Orlando, Florida?

Dr. Linda Matteoli, a board certified family physician, combines conventional medicine with evidenced-based integrative medicine to create personalized, holistic treatment plans.

She practices functional medicine, which is an approach to medicine that gets to the root cause of illness.

You can expect customized treatment plans which may include nutrition guidance for specific disease states, nutraceuticals/supplements to support the body, and prescriptions and referrals to specialists depending on disease and symptom severity.


I am a conservative person who had no idea what functional medicine is…but now I know that it is a conservative holistic approach that works to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. And, it works! I am so much better, and most grateful to Dr. Matteoli.

– L. P.

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Within a month of changing my diet and taking the recommended supplements, my menstrual cycle was regular, I have had zero PMS symptoms and no migraines or my usual headaches. My sleep has also drastically improved with easy lifestyle changes recommended by Dr. Matteoli. The experience with Origins Functional Medicine has been amazing. I have the education, tools, and support that I need to take control of my health and well-being.

– D.L. 


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Dr. Matteoli’s gentle no-pressure-no-guilt practice combined with her knowledge and research make her the perfect physician to round out any health team. I am looking forward to continuing my sustainable wellness journey with her valued support.

– R.S.

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